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office 365 mailboxes

Want a one click integration into your Office 365 business email address that enables you to start sending and receiving emails within Pipelyft in a matter of minutes? We’ve got you covered!

Our latest release allows you to hook up your Microsoft Office 365 email account, enabling you to send outreach emails for your projects and sequences directly from your business email address.

When you receive replies to your emails, they are filtered back into the system and logged against the opportunity so you and your colleagues can see exactly how the conversation is progressing.

“What about my private emails?”, I hear you say, but don’t worry, only replies to emails you have sent from Pipelyft are allowed back into the system, so you won’t have any awkward moments when your latest Amazon order confirmation email comes through.

This feature allows you to easily utilise the power of Pipelyft’s targeted sequencing directly from your Office 365 email account.

To find out more please book a demo.


Global search

Got an incoming call from a number you don’t know? Need to find the conversation history quickly? Use our new global search functionality to locate the information you need to do your job, fast. โšก

Our new global search feature has been borne out of first hand experience of needing to locate relevant information quickly with only a phone number to go on. Our global search allows you to locate Contacts, Companies, Workspaces and Projects quickly from anywhere in the system.

Pipelyft Global Search

Searches can be conducted using just the information you have to hand; names, telephone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn profile URL’s can all be used to help you locate the contact you are looking for, and from there all of the information and conversation history you need to close the deal is right at your finger tips.


full release details

๐Ÿ’ช New features and improvements

  • Office 365 mailbox Integration
  • Global Search
  • Redesign of User and Company page views
  • Guided Tour added for new Users
  • Added support widget for easy in-app support

๐Ÿ› Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where adding a new User would not update the used licence number in the UI.
  • Fixed issue where a User could be redirected to a blank page after creating a Task.
  • A few smaller bug fixes.

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