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LinkedIn connection toggle

easily track and visualise your LinkedIn connections with one click

The new LinkedIn connection toggle allows you to change the connection status of your contacts with one click from the project page.

This will apply across the entire platform, so if the same contact appears in another project the connection will still be shown. If there is a situation in which you do not want the connection to apply across the platform then a project can be set up to use ‘Ghost Accounts’, meaning the connections will be limited to that project only.

LI Toggle
Dark Sidebar

dark sidebar

 pipelyft turns to the dark side

We’re in the process of a huge UI/UX update across the entire platform, and the main feature of this instalment is the new dark sidebar. With many more updates scheduled over the next few months, keep your eyes peeled for a brand new look and feel for Pipelyft. 

Alongside the aesthetics, we’re also working hard to make the user experience more efficient, reducing clicks and unnecessary movement between pages. Stay tuned for more on this in a later release.

full release details

💪 new features and improvements

  • LinkedIn Connection Toggle
  • Dark theme sidebar
  • Upgrade underlying software to latest version

🐛 bug fixes

  • Allow sequences to be terminated even when a message is not logged.
  • Fixed broken page reload when saving a Company.
  • A few smaller bug fixes.

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