what is a sales engagement platform, why do i need one and which one should i get?

Sales Engagement Mystery Box

In simple terms, sales engagement platforms help your sales reps streamline the process of interacting with prospects, allowing them to plan, execute, track, measure and optimise their outreach all from a centralised environment. If your sales team aren’t using one of these platforms then they’re effectively fighting with one arm tied behind their back, and everyone else is using knuckle-dusters.

The average sales rep spends less than 36% of their time selling,  meaning nearly two-thirds of their time is taken up with non revenue-generating tasks.


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It sure is Harry, so it’s no surprise that sales engagement platforms are becoming a must-have for sales teams everywhere. The benefits are potentially huge, both to the reps on the front-line but also to the management team who need to track and analyse campaigns.

The major benefit of a Sales Engagement platform is that it will help you to sell smarter. For your sales personnel that means faster outreach due to being able to communicate via multiple channels from a single interface, automated processes that minimise the time-sink of admin work and increase efficiency, as well as structured sales sequences that guide sellers through an optimised process.

For management, the benefits come from the fact that every single interaction and outcome is recorded on the platform, providing intelligent multi-level reporting that allows you to analyse almost every aspect of a campaign and easily see what’s working and what’s not.


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Well, quite. Now, let’s get to the bit where we tell you why you should choose Pipelyft over the many competitors out there shall we? I’m sure you’ll believe us when we say we’re not biased, we just want your money what’s best for your business!

The truth is, as of right now we might not be the best option for you, we’re in early access and we’re not yet feature-complete.


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I know, I know, you never doubted our honesty, but I can tell you’re surprised! At this stage we’re still building Pipelyft, and although we genuinely believe that it will be the best sales engagement platform on the market when it’s finished, we’re not quite there.

However, that doesn’t mean we’re without value! For small teams that haven’t used a sales engagement platform before, you have the chance to join us from the beginning and have a genuine impact on the future of the platform, meaning that you could end up with something tailored to your way of working rather than tailoring the way you work to a more established tool.

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And for agencies, we’re already leading the way. We’re the only platform that offers dedicated workspaces, these allow you to carry out multiple campaigns for different clients from a single instance of Pipelyft. We allow you to use multiple email accounts per agent, giving you the flexibility to switch between email addresses at will, and we’re working on temporary access licences that you can use to give clients oversight of their campaigns or outsource projects when necessary. If that’s enough to pique your interest, get in touch with us today for a live demo and see it in action!

Now there are plenty of other articles out there that will go into major depth on the finer points of sales engagement, but we just wanted to give you the basics without you having to spend half your day reading about customer journeys and sales playbooks. If there’s anything else on this subject you’d like us to cover in a future blog please let us know!


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