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we’ve been in your shoes, trying to make use of platforms and tools that aren’t set up to handle the way that agencies like yours operate. Whether it be a lack of client segmentation or the inability to switch your email addresses between projects, sales engagement for agencies is currently cost and time prohibitive.

This is precisely why we developed Pipelyft, a sales engagement platform for agencies. Our goal was to create a platform that provides a fully efficient way of working for agencies of all sizes and shapes, making sales engagement more accessible and streamlined.

we’re different because we allow agencies to:


use multiple email accounts per agent

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Pick and choose which email account you want to use on each project, giving you the flexibility you need to ensure that your campaigns are efficient and more easy to manage.

segment clients into workspaces

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Secure data to a workspace, ensuring that sensitive information such as client lists or CRM data never enter the wider data pool. Carry out campaigns for multiple clients from a single instance of pipelyft.

sequence your sales activity

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Sequence out your sales activity and template messaging. A/B test messaging to get the best results for your clients, whilst also increasing your efficiency.

comprehensively analyse & report

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Accurately pinpoint your value to your customer using reporting at a workspace level and give comprehensive feedback about what works and what doesn’t. Educate, inform and become an indispensable member of their team.

containerise your data

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Clients looking for data compliancy? Select which region we should hold your data in and rest easy knowing that we have physical data separation for every client, drastically reducing the potential for catastrophic data breaches.

more features coming soon:


integrations marketplace

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Multiple clients running different CRMs? Export to different CRMs for each client with our integrations marketplace.

temporary access licenses

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Want to give a client access to a specific project or workspace? Need to temporarily outsource a campaign to manage capacity? Grant access to specific areas for non-regular members and set the duration of their stay!

Unleash your sales potential with Pipelyft!

Supercharge performance, target prospects with precision, and make data-driven decisions. Join now to become a sales GOAT! Embrace greatness and elevate your sales game today! 🚀🏆

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