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data legistation tools

data security and regulation is of paramount importance to every business, and our latest update makes it even easier to ensure compliance.


In 2.1.0 we have added a system that actively prevents users from messaging contacts via Pipelyft that have requested not to be contacted. 

It allows users to unsubscribe contacts from any future communication quickly and easily while still on the call, and provides granularity for unsubscribing to allow for a wide range of platform use cases

Unsubscribe Screen 2

Streamlined Opportunity ux

faster navigation is the focus of our latest UI/UX update

As mentioned in our previous release, we have been looking at all aspects of the UI and UX to try and make the platform more appealing and easier to use.

The latest update includes a new, streamlined version of the Opportunity window that gives you access to every detail of a selected contact, meaning you can send messages, edit their contact information, edit the opportunity that they present within a project and their consent status, all from the tabs at the top of the screen.

Opportunity Tabs 1

full release details

💪 New features and improvements

  • Added data legislation tools
  • New Opportunity UX/UI
  • Added the ability to archive/delete Projects & Opportunities
  • New, more prominent design for Status pills
  • Added support widget for easy in-app support
  • Record status changes in the Opportunity message thread
  • UI tweaks

🐛 bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where a User may have their access role downgraded when editing their account.
  • A few smaller bug fixes.

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