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one-click sequence emails

Are you after efficient email outreach management? Send personalised, templated emails to your opportunities from Pipelyft using your work email address with one click.



We’ve listened to SDR feedback about the need to be as efficient as possible when carrying out their sales outreach, so with our latest release we’ve made the process of manually sending a templated email as simple and efficient as possible.

Our new email sequence quick action allows you to send the templated email sequence steps to the desired contact directly from your project contact list, no extra screens, no time wasted.


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Pipelyft Email Quick action
Pipelyft Timezone Indicators

know when to call

Ever made a cold call to an opportunity only to find out they are asleep and it’s 3am and that they certainly aren’t an opportunity anymore? Us too, which is why we added time zone indicators.

Wouldn’t it be great we thought, if you had a visual indicator beside each contact in the platform that would let you know at a glance if it’s an appropriate time to call. So that’s what we did!
We use the contact’s address data to locate their position on the planet and assign them the correct time zone, or if you know the contacts time zone, you can assign it directly.

That’s the great thing about Pipelyft, it’s built for sales people, by sales people. We make the mistakes so you don’t have to!

full release details

💪 New features and improvements

  • New login and password reset UI
  • Unsubscribe links, controls and landing page added for data compliancy

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Remove delete button from messaging screen
  • Fix styling on certain modal forms
  • Fix issue with logic for workspace tree

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