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Our client, a leading global exhibitions provider based in Bristol, UK, sought to enhance efficiency by streamlining their sales processes and integrating their disparate systems. Their existing infrastructure involved the use of multiple software platforms to manage sales, finance, operations, and marketing.

Given the global scale of their operations and the unique nature of their work across various shows, adapting to an off-the-shelf system proved challenging.

The decentralized approach resulted in manual and time-consuming internal processes, with staff struggling to effectively utilize the existing systems at their disposal.

Consequently, the organization incurred significant costs in both internal administrative efforts and licensing fees. Moreover, the fragmented system failed to provide an optimal working environment for their employees, leading to increased workloads and heightened stress levels within the team.

Recognizing these challenges, the client sought a comprehensive solution that would not only streamline their operations but also optimize the utilization of existing systems, ultimately reducing costs and enhancing overall team productivity.

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The Pipelyft team conducted a comprehensive project scoping session with the CEO and department heads, revealing that existing processes were unduly complicated due to reliance on an off-the-shelf CRM system serving as the central hub.

Following an in-depth review involving departments and senior management, our team proposed a series of adjustments designed to streamline operations. The objective was to minimize administrative burdens and manual tasks for each department.

Emphasizing efficiency, the overarching aim was to establish a singular, centralized hub where previously manual processes could be automated. This envisioned hub would empower team members from all departments to execute their daily tasks with optimal simplicity and effectiveness



The team at cloud cohesion delivered a centralised platform which provided an end to end sales management and automation across all of their departments.

• Automate, streamline and provide comprehensive reports on sales activity and show performance. (Pipelyft)
• Automatically fill in details of successful sales discussion in a centralised deal hub
• Streamlined contract generation (DocuSign)
• Xero Invoices raised into the correct organisation directly from portal
• Real-time feedback from Xero on paid invoices allowing for real time reporting on shows and targets
• Ability to see overdue invoices against shows to improve credit control processes
• Real time floorplan stand allocation greatly reducing the number of stand conflicts
• Quantity management ensuring finite resources/items are not oversold on a show by show basis
• Calculate commission for senior sales personnel and sales development team.
• Centralised more performant processes across the business





Increase in sales activity

hours saved in admin

saved on license costs

reduction in over prescribing and stand clashes

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